Top 5

I dread the Top N article approach, but LinkedIN keeps telling me to write this way.  So, I decided to try it.

Top 5 reasons why your organization lacks leadership.  Your leaders...

  1. were trained in an expensive classroom by listening to / reading from "expert(s)"
  2. believe they’re naturally born to do so, because the experts told them so
  3. know it’s in their job description, role expectations, and ego to lead others
  4. think leadership is:  grantable;  all about what you say or intend;  based on a title
  5. haven’t attended our program with a team, exposing vulnerabilities from which all can bond and grow

There’s a better methodology to build leaders, and the industry isn't even aware of it.  They're addicted to a tired old lecture and listen format.

The better way acknowledges that our VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world is NOT rational, controllable, or predictable.  The better way uses methods from the world's most elite VUCA ready group, the US Special Forces.  Their secret... build human bonds of trust.


I've heard countless people express their on-going fear over the loss of their jobs and livelihood to advancing technology, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural networks, CRISPR, nanotechnology, 3-D printing, and bio-engineering.  These aren't ordinary jobs, either.  Some of them are highly paid, professional jobs in research, medicine, consulting, manufacturing, and technology.

Their fear is well grounded.  This next "level" of evolutionary of technology is going to be non human, and most people will have no idea where their job went, or how the machine or process that eliminated them even operates.

Today, algorithms are deployed by social media and "data" companies to directly manipulate you.  In many cases, no one is able to explain how the machine rendered its outcome.  They just tweak the profile to a desired target.  That should frighten anyone with their head attached and operable.

Time to wake up.

Technology will (and already has) displaced jobs far faster than people will be able to retrain, leading to massive un- and under-employment gaps.  Yes, technology will generate new jobs in support of the machines and algorithms, which will continue to progressively displace jobs once held by humans, at an increasing rate.  Simple logic will tell you that the ultimate outcome of this trajectory is not good for the vast majority of people.

Industry leaders know this.  A few of the richest people in the world talk about it because they too don't know where to place their assets to be ahead of the next thing.  It's too dynamic and uncertain.

The solution for most... invest even more into the technology that will accelerate the displace of jobs, and ignore the toll on their most vital assets... humans.

Seriously?  Because technology scales.  Humans supposedly don't.

We believe in people, and think the obvious solution is to invest in scaling humans for the challenges ahead.  The military has a very useful term... VUCA, for volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous.  US Special Forces are trained for VUCA readiness, which builds and enables high trust, high capability units to succeed in a risky and dynamic world.

Inspired by their approach, we built an experiential leadership program to enable you to be VUCA ready.  Below is a comparison of the disruptive differences in the tradition leadership - lecture and listen, and our experiential approach.  the chart below barely does justice to the significance of our disruptive program.  So, we created an eBook to cover it in detail.  Register here to receive a copy.


disrupt your conventional approach to action-oriented an experiential program based on human bonds 

Isn’t it about time to end the myth that expert talk does nothing to create readiness for a VUCA world.  If an expert talks to you, then leaves (perhaps being gracious enough to take a call each month), what are you going to do without their sage advice?

What you really want is the ability to be self-reliant and agile on your own, under any circumstance.

The only way to solve your leadership gap is to recognize that a VUCA world demands readiness like special forces.  Building leaders requires an experiential program (in a format that lets you own the action-oriented experience), operated by guides that respect your reality.

If I wanted to write this for maximum simplicity, it would be...

  • Q:  ONE reason your organization lacks leaders
  • A:  FEAR

Instead... just imagine your entire team being built to fearlessly trust each other in a week.  A new operating baseline.

Imagine a program sending you home with a deep belief in your abilities to achieve anything.  Then, imagine a program producing an exit velocity which ignites creativity... as a weapon to wield against fear.

You've just imagined what we do.