The Green Book’s Transformative Leadership

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On January 3rd, I sat in a movie theater alone for the first time in my life to watch The Green Book.

The production deserves high praise for its great storytelling, release timing, and performances.  I left the show with two key thoughts.

  1. "we" are living completely blind to the truth in this era
  2. God bless all of those in this production for reminding us

My interpretation of the movie's meaning may not be theirs or yours, but I'd like to share its powerful lesson.

In a nutshell... "our" chaotic, ADHD, narcissistic, tech world has lost the keys to our humanity, and this story gifts us the solution.

our connection to other human beings

The principal characters are very different in their talents, culture, backgrounds, tastes, views, education, among others.  Some might point out they are different races.  And they'd be wrong.  I'll explain.

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As their gaps close, they teach us that we are all flawed, judgmental, narrow-minded, and egotistical.  Connecting as one race of human beings, we bridge what divides us.

The formula is not complex.  But our noisy world has deafened and blinded us.

Connection requires (in fact, it mandates) the removal of technology and cultural walls, and they replace those elements with love, music, service, and real, consequential interaction.

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Any group can do this.  Spending time together (= present + purposeful + engagement) facing unknown challenges under duress, anyone can learn the transformative power of human connection.

This connection permits a durable, lasting trust.  In the case of the real people in The Green Book, it lasted a lifetime.

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Amy Edmondson demonstrates that this powerful methodology extends these deep bonds to total strangers in this TED talk.  She summarizes her findings as:

  1. uncertainty drives interdependence
  2. people acknowledging fallibility opens interaction
  3. being curious drives solutions

We built a program grounded in these elements, plus more.

We add, among other things:

  • Our method maximizes your experience... you own it all
  • We know you already possess the skills, and guide you
  • By eliminating distraction, you're 100% on task, together

And, as Plato said, "You learn more about a person in an hour of play than a year of conversation.”

learn your Green Book lesson in leadership, and force multiply your greatness

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