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The Green Book – human connection


The Green Book movie just powerfully reminded me that we can break through any human ignorance, but we have to do it together, in person, totally present. It’s why our method works where others fall far short. As the new year starts with the same intentional desire to do things better, perhaps you should challenge…

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Albert Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity is one of the most tested and validated theories in history.  It has withstood rigorous scientific testing for a century, and that is nothing short of remarkable. A key element of Einstein’s special theory of relativity, which involved his keen observations about gravity, provided him with what he later…

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Being Human

In lieu of making you read another blog post like… “Top 10 ways to…”, or “7 things you should…”, or “21 steps for…” …my list will be 1 item.  YOU… a human being. As a husband, father, son, sibling, friend, etc., and well read citizen, there are innumerable reasons to be concerned about you.  Not…

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Leading Science

build leaders

If you need or want to BUILD LEADERS, please read this entire post, and share: our disruptive and consequential approach This is the third post in a series focused on helping you proactively destroy chaos in your lives.  You can find the first post here, and the second one here. The first part of this series stated…

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Empowered by Human Leaders

humans CEO defeat chaos

Are these attributes the “norm” for leadership (at work): not speaking your mind freely, openly, clearly, respectfully AND disagree with others? suppressing all of your knowledge and skills in meetings out of concern of reactions from that some-one? equating people saying things with people actually getting things accomplished? seeking consensus through groupthink, when better, faster,…

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If the technology prognosticators and numerous genius leaders are correct, humanity is doomed. As the secretive google “brain” project, headed by utopian futurist Ray Kurzweil and a bevy of like-minded believers in the singularity “progresses”, humans will become extinct (absorbed, or “evolved” to use their terms into machines).  Ray’s forecasted date for the singularity is 2045. Well, there’s…

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