Empowered by Human Leaders

Are these attributes the "norm" for leadership (at work):

  • not speaking your mind freely, openly, clearly, respectfully AND disagree with others?
  • suppressing all of your knowledge and skills in meetings out of concern of reactions from that some-one?
  • equating people saying things with people actually getting things accomplished?
  • seeking consensus through groupthink, when better, faster, more intelligent decisions are available?
  • not challenging people to help build their character, performance, and future leadership capacity?

Trust, the foundation of all productivity in groups of humans, was THE first human leadership trait.  And ancient peoples (long before language, cities, and “management”) learned trust by witnessing the successful actions of others.  Trust grew when those actions helped others collect or kill for food, survive attack, build weapons, locate water, create shelter or clothing, travel in the right direction, etc., etc.

Trust must be lived… experienced.  No language needed.


It is our mission to help people overcome challenges, including deeply held personal ones.  We have had customers whose personal situation was devastated when they arrived.  Our approach, proven by science, experience, and common sense, is to give groups with diverse levels of confidence (aka any team) a purpose... greater than themselves, the method to succeed, and a mission.

Imagine how that would help... the individual and the team.

The reason so many customers describe our program as transformational is that people exit our program believing they can accomplish anything.  And they learn to do that within a unit, which builds incredibly strong and durable bonds of trust... even among strangers.

Anyone on your team would benefit... solo or with their team.

The science of trust and productivity are well known.  Have it, and you rock.  Don't, and everything you do is like wading through molasses.

A strategic human capital approach must be imbedded across the life cycle of their employment.  A recent article highlighted this.  We describe the 4 phases of employment as:

  1. recruitment
  2. on-boarding
  3. development
  4. executive / leadership

Recruitment... Hire the wrong person, and you're stuck with months / years.

What if your recruits competed in a leadership program, where their performance was witnessed by all?

On-Boarding... When you on-board, will they witness the strength of your culture?

What if new hires learn the expectations of a great culture from day 1?

Development... While everyone you keep will be developed, not every one will reach the top.  But wouldn't you want all of your leaders to know greatness?

What if all future leaders were trained in a challenge-based program before assuming leadership responsibilities?

Executive / Leadership... What if your executive suite bonded like a special forces military unit, ready for, and capable of anything?

Are you ready to maximize human capital success?  In today’s era, your people, at every level are under duress, as they are expected to learn immediately, adjust to change in real time, work with people they’ve never seen or met (remote), and deal with advancing technology without error.  The need to rethink how we build greatness is overdue.

Your organization can send a team of people and have them gain the following attributes of success:

  • build durable, lasting bonds of trust
  • learn the benefits of intense focus
  • greatly improve their relationships
  • boost their creativity and innovation
  • increase their belief in self and their teammates
  • realize the productive traits of living fearlessly
  • see future challenges as opportunity

That's what we do.

Next time… backed by science.