Experiential Leader Podcast Episode 1: An Introduction

Experiential Leader.

Leadership cannot be granted, titled, inherited, or learned from a book or class.  It must be earned and witnessed in full view overcoming challenges.

In our daily modern technology blur, we have more people gaps than ever.  We help you close your people gap.

Words have lost their meaning, and trust is at an all-time low.  With digitized everything substituting for moments bonding together, the only truth is what you experience together.

Before you can live… you must believe.  Before you believe… you must trust.
Before you trust… you must conquer fear.  To conquer fear… you must face the unknown.

Join us on this podcast to get a traditional perspective, which is somehow an alternative view because we are focused on how leadership is built.  If you're serious about leadership, you're going to understand that leadership is an action sport... not a classroom lecture.

Knowledge is what you read, experience is what you live – live fearless.

Jon Rambeau, Founder of Experiential Leader