4 Ancient Elements

5 Step Method

4 Elements + 5 Steps + "Secret Ingredients" = your Transformation

Transformation occurs when human beings re-connect to the 4 ancient elements with a purposeful mission.

"Leadership is not granted, titled, inherited, or learned from a book or class. It must be earned in full view while overcoming challenges." - Jon Rambeau

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The ancient Greeks associated air with Zeus, which says enough about its important in life.

Why do we relish walking outdoors after a day in the office?  Why are the healthiest places away from the smog, congestion, and density of cities?

Feel the awesome downburst of a storm and hear the bending of the trees.

Working within our methodology, the natural element of air provides a deeper awareness of the wind, its fluidity, it's power, and it's metaphorical and real ability to shift from soothing to dangerous.

We operate outdoors so our customers can breath it.  Feel it.  Leverage it.

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The ancient Greeks associated earth with Hera, wife of Zeus, Goddess of family.

Why do we enjoy getting our hands dirty in a garden, sifting sand on a beach, or working with the heavy metal of a car engine?  Why is land - aka real estate - the most durable, valued, stable asset in the world?

Dig into the earth and handle its cold, dry, substantive density.

Working within our methodology, the natural element of earth provides an appreciation for its solid, stable, fertile substance, and it's metaphorical meaning as a reliable foundation, terra firma.

We operate outdoors so our customers can hike and run over it.  Dig it.  Move it.

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The ancient Greeks associated fire with Hades, God of the underworld and unyielding brother of Zeus.

It should be obvious why we are taught to respect fire, due to its power of destruction and risk of conflagration.  But fire also transformed the human trajectory of evolution, once it became a learned skill and resource.

Harvest and build your own fire to feel its warmth and respect its power.

Working within our methodology, the natural element of fire is utilized for transformative effect by learning the core human survival skill, and its unmatched ability to ground people in deeper thoughts about the meaning and purpose of their life.

We operate outdoors so our customers can own their survival, through the preparation, taming, and harnessing of fire.

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The ancient Greeks associated water with Persephone, wife of Hades and daughter of mother nature - Demeter.

Water is the essence of life on earth and perhaps in the cosmos.  It has a beauty, power, and transformative quality like no other substance.  Our camp is blessed with a watershed, sourced by a great natural spring, producing a crystal clear, limestone bottomed creek used across the centuries, from the Comanches to you.

Plunge into the clear, fresh, cold spring water and navigate its flow.

Working within our methodology, the natural element of water is utilized for transformative effect as a source, an obstacle, and a challenge to you leading a fearless life.

We operate outdoors so our customers can overcome natural, human fear to transform themselves and their teams into living and leading fearless.

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Our brains are not wired for multitasking, multitasking in real-time is a myth.  Social media distraction disorder has 2 serious impacts on productivity:

  1. our technology is wiring our brains to be rewarded by distraction with a dopamine addiction constantly seeking stimulation (how many seconds does it take you to grab your phone when you have a pause in your daily activity… 5 seconds?)
  2. this constant distraction is actually damaging your brain’s ability to focus for sustained periods, reducing your mental stamina (do you want that in your surgeon)

The average professional is distracted by their devices over 200 times per day - think of the productivity gain that's possible by focusing more.  If we were compare this mental injury from distraction to a physical injury, like a bruise, would we continue to punch the bruise increasing the damage?  At a time when the challenges we face are so complex, we need much more focus.

We help customers relearn the power of focus in their lives, and on their productivity.

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Howard Gardner, the scientific pioneer into Multiple Intelligences, revealed that people learn in different ways, utilizing spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, and intra-personal intelligences.

Awareness about the need for empathy and the importance of our emotional IQ grew out of his decades of research.

We built a one-of-its-kind leadership program built to stimulate human sensory participation, opening multiple pathways to learning, connecting their emotions to their actions, and increasing recall and retention.

There’s an age-old reason why our first responders train in the outdoors… we need them ready for action at a moment’s notice, in unpredictable situations, where high risks need to be managed.  Any high performance company culture will benefit from this same approach.

FONEC novel bulb



(connotation:  unique + new)

Everyone has more than 1 million X 1 million brain connections… everyone is creative and can innovate.

The left and right brain bias is BS… we need both sides of our brain as fully engaged as possible to solve complex problems.

Curiosity should be a strategic hiring characteristic.  Curious people pursue novel solutions.  Managing and living to stoke innovation for more effective problem-solving and advancement should be among your highest human capital priorities.

Creative thought can be stoked, and the proper approach can provide 3+ months of residual productivity effect.  Neuroplasticity research reinforces that increased imagination and association (the links between things) will boost problem-solving outcomes.

Faraday and Edison thrived with this approach, as they:

  • were unafraid to try anything;
  • disregarded fear of rejection;
  • documented their (lesson learning) failed attempts, and
  • performed many iterations to produce inventive results

Creativity is both a product (what you make) and a process (how you go about making).

We guide your curiosity through a program filled with novel and unexpected challenges.  Teams training this way are more resilient, adaptable, and fearless.

FONEC experiential wrench



Today’s leaders must be intuitive, dynamic, collaborative, and grounded in here-and-now emotional intelligence - because the world of leadership is expecting much more, much faster, and our most talented leaders expect that level of engagement.

We learn, retain, and change behavior best when the emotional circuits within our brain are activated.

Visceral, lived experiences best activate these emotional circuits, helping experiential leaders “inner” game, which is particularly vital for executives and future executives.

Active experiences in the outdoors, meditating away from distraction, consciously listening (often without response) in groups listening to colleagues’ stories, and providing (novel) tasks - even hands on activities such as sculpting or construction can all activate neural pathways and emotional circuits.

FONEC compete runner



We need to be realistic about the nature of life… competition is everywhere - it’s real, whether we try to hide it, avoid it, or deny it.

Competition for survival via evolution has led to the human race.  The ancient Greeks memorialized this core element of human nature by founding The Olympic Games.

Physical exertion under competition expands blood capillaries and flow, builds muscle memory, and increases emotional activation.  The lessons of leadership through sports and competition is a necessity for developing high performance cultures.

Our program provides a unique opportunity for leaders to participate in and witness your team's performance on the field, providing tremendous insights for all involved.

Just imagine (literally pause and think...) the shared benefits of engaging with and observing your closest teammates under duress, respecting each other’s plight, helping each other, and overcoming challenges together.  Isn't that the essence of teamwork?  Our program's impact is visceral and deep.

Witnessing unexpected traits you've never before seen with clarity AND your common vulnerability will increase your trust and bonding.

Insights by Aristotle about human nature are fundamental to our purpose and method at Experiential Leader.

"The elements must be experienced to be understood."   - Aristotle