Degrees of Separation

Degrees of Separation (DoS)

Why is this age-old concept so crucial today?

Hint: It has nothing to do with media, marketing, or access to your customers.

It is not sufficient to be aware of the implications of the DoS challenge.

Anything passively learned, unused, or not acted upon (aka: knowledge) is worth how much in today’s VUCA world?


So what are you doing about DoS?

Ah. Perhaps you need to know why it’s relevant. It’s very simple.

The pace, vector, and array of change in your organization means you need a strategy for DoS.

Because, with every degree of separation between your people… on teams, in key performer roles, across functions, between divisions and locations… your risk of execution increases.

Weak, distant, increasingly fragile connections between people means weakness, breakage, and gaps.

DoS gaps are swallowing companies that don’t see the solution to this geometrically expanding risk.

What’s the solution?

Build unbreakable bonds of deep human TRUST, within, across, and at all levels of the gaps.

Yes, we have the best way to do it… experientially, for the real world.

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