Let’s diagnose the meaning of challenge in the context of leadership for a minute.

Q: How do leaders view challenges?

A: As opportunity.

It’s perfectly fine if you are confronted with a challenge and your first reaction is… (a) OMG; (b) not again; (c) let Bob handle this one; (d) I’ve got too much to do already, etc. All self-focused excuses.

Perhaps you’re not a leader. Leaders thrive on challenge.

The real question is this… can a heretofore non-leader be built into a leader, so that their mindset changes to one that embraces and enjoys challenges?


Is the path easy? No. Why should it be?

Not surprisingly, the solution is not to read, listen, meditate (medicate), or visualize a better you.

Leadership is an action sport.

It demands action. And for anyone to earn a position as leader (versus being titled, annointed, promoted into…), they must be witnessed in action and successful in the eyes of others.

This is why I call Trust the core of all leadership success, and describe Trust as the first human leadership trait.

Humans, long before there was any language learned to trust each other through their witnessed actions of success. In many cases, the acts were survival.

If these observations about challenge and trust are common sense to you, and you want to become a leader, develop leaders, or transform a team into a Trusting UNIT of leaders, call us.

We acknowledge something that is missing from the leadership industry. You don’t talk at leaders, you build them.