The Mathematics of Leadership

Part 1 of 3… The Mathematics of Leadership 2 + 2 = ∞ Most people will tell you that addition, in the mathematical context, is easier than division. But in the human dynamic, addition is much more challenging.  In humans, division is easy. What skills are needed to be a human divider?  A mouth + words.…

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Love can be the most powerful force in leadership.  Its absence can leave a void filled with darkness. Read the articles below and choose your answer to… Who would you choose to lead? Dabo Swinney Ralph Northam Responses include: neither both Dabo Ralph We all face choices in life.  We must examine our mistakes, take…

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The Green Book’s Transformative Leadership


On January 3rd, I sat in a movie theater alone for the first time in my life to watch The Green Book. The production deserves high praise for its great storytelling, release timing, and performances.  I left the show with two key thoughts. “we” are living completely blind to the truth in this era God bless…

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4 Best Questions for Winners

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Questions of the day (and every other day) for leaders only. Q1: Who trains the most diverse (and random) groups of new talent every day? A1: The US military Q2: Who are the most VUCA ready personnel on earth? A2: The US special forces Q3: What is the only way to train people for all…

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What does the famous Nike saying “Just Do It” mean? To most it means getting off your butt and taking action. To the leadership industry, it means “Pay big $$$ to listen to someone important talk.” Seriously?! You expect more of yourself than that. And you know that watching Survivorman isn’t experiential. And ONLY experiential…

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A one of its kind, enlightened experiment in governance was ignited 242 years ago as of tomorrow. Celebrate it. Read the Declaration of Independence. See it’s beauty, wisdom, and it’s honesty about the flaws of humanity. Then ask yourself… am I doing everything I can to further this great experiment? Because too many of us…

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Albert Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity is one of the most tested and validated theories in history.  It has withstood rigorous scientific testing for a century, and that is nothing short of remarkable. A key element of Einstein’s special theory of relativity, which involved his keen observations about gravity, provided him with what he later…

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Being Human

In lieu of making you read another blog post like… “Top 10 ways to…”, or “7 things you should…”, or “21 steps for…” …my list will be 1 item.  YOU… a human being. As a husband, father, son, sibling, friend, etc., and well read citizen, there are innumerable reasons to be concerned about you.  Not…

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