The Green Book’s Transformative Leadership


On January 3rd, I sat in a movie theater alone for the first time in my life to watch The Green Book. The production deserves high praise for its great storytelling, release timing, and performances.  I left the show with two key thoughts. “we” are living completely blind to the truth in this era God bless…

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experiential leader classroom

What does the famous Nike saying “Just Do It” mean? To most it means getting off your butt and taking action. To the leadership industry, it means “Pay big $$$ to listen to someone important talk.” Seriously?! You expect more of yourself than that. And you know that watching Survivorman isn’t experiential. And ONLY experiential…

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If the technology prognosticators and numerous genius leaders are correct, humanity is doomed. As the secretive google “brain” project, headed by utopian futurist Ray Kurzweil and a bevy of like-minded believers in the singularity “progresses”, humans will become extinct (absorbed, or “evolved” to use their terms into machines).  Ray’s forecasted date for the singularity is 2045. Well, there’s…

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constant change

One other thing as inevitable as death and taxes is… change. Whether we: control it (we sometimes mistakenly think we do) welcome it (because it’s what we thought we wanted) ignore it (because we are indifferent or delusional), or are afraid of it (we haven’t read 7 Habits from Covey) …change is coming. Inside any…

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