Experiential Leader Podcast Episode 1: An Introduction

Experiential Leader. Leadership cannot be granted, titled, inherited, or learned from a book or class.  It must be earned and witnessed in full view overcoming challenges. In our daily modern technology blur, we have more people gaps than ever.  We help you close your people gap. Words have lost their meaning, and trust is at…

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The Year of Trust Building


When I work with senior executives, it’s a challenge to obtain deep levels of openness.  Most of them (like my father, retired) are trained through the years to shield their thoughts and feelings. Reveal no weakness. All of society is accelerating blindly into an era of consequential unpredictability.  The scale of disruption should lead most…

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jon rambeau

RLS (restless legs syndrome) by Patient Zero Note:  I am not Patient Zero, though at times it feels like it.  🙂 I deviate from our usual one-of-its-kind, VUCA-ready experiential leadership program message today for an important health message… one that I hope will benefit many others. *** *** *** *** Before I begin, there are many resources…

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experiential leader crystal clear spring water

CHALLENGE Let’s diagnose the meaning of challenge in the context of leadership for a minute. Q: How do leaders view challenges? A: As opportunity. It’s perfectly fine if you are confronted with a challenge and your first reaction is… (a) OMG; (b) not again; (c) let Bob handle this one; (d) I’ve got too much…

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Degrees of Separation


Degrees of Separation (DoS) Why is this age-old concept so crucial today? Hint: It has nothing to do with media, marketing, or access to your customers. It is not sufficient to be aware of the implications of the DoS challenge. Anything passively learned, unused, or not acted upon (aka: knowledge) is worth how much in…

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Lack of Curiosity

More to come on curiosity. The curious win more often than you think. See this evolutionary tid-bit to realize that your ancestors must have been more curious than others. Scientists Show Laziness Lead to the Extinction of Primitive Humans

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No Box

no box

Someone asked me the other day… “are you an outside the box thinker?” I said, “what box?” They laughed and said, “you know someone who isn’t constrained by conventional wisdom.” I replied, “I completely understood your question. You didn’t understand my response. I never see a box. Now do you understand my answer?” The world…

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4 Best Questions for Winners

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Questions of the day (and every other day) for leaders only. Q1: Who trains the most diverse (and random) groups of new talent every day? A1: The US military Q2: Who are the most VUCA ready personnel on earth? A2: The US special forces Q3: What is the only way to train people for all…

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