Love can be the most powerful force in leadership.  Its absence can leave a void filled with darkness.

Read the articles below and choose your answer to... Who would you choose to lead?

Dabo Swinney

Ralph Northam

Responses include:

  1. neither
  2. both
  3. Dabo
  4. Ralph

We all face choices in life.  We must examine our mistakes, take responsibility for them, learn the wrongs and wronged, and improve our actions.  The love in your heart can and should influence them.

Moments of self-reflection should be part of your daily routine.  Whether you label it meditation, mindfulness, balance, or spirituality, the principle is the same.

  • Pause
  • Clear the noise
  • Calm
  • Focus
  • Reflect
  • Love
  • Improve

"The sum total of the love being shared, and its alignment with morality is what steers the compass for any group... a team, a company, a nation."  - Jon Rambeau

Where is your compass is heading?  Can you change its direction with your love?