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Veterans just get it


I just spoke to another veteran (19 years) who is like minded about experiential. He’s a leadership coach with humility and knows what he learned in the military simply isn’t taught in school. And he said a beautiful thing. He said he was spoiled by the military. Most people think the opposite. He meant it…

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Top 5

trust dividend

I dread the Top N article approach, but LinkedIN keeps telling me to write this way.  So, I decided to try it. Top 5 reasons why your organization lacks leadership.  Your leaders… were trained in an expensive classroom by listening to / reading from “expert(s)” believe they’re naturally born to do so, because the experts told…

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experiential leader classroom

What does the famous Nike saying “Just Do It” mean? To most it means getting off your butt and taking action. To the leadership industry, it means “Pay big $$$ to listen to someone important talk.” Seriously?! You expect more of yourself than that. And you know that watching Survivorman isn’t experiential. And ONLY experiential…

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experiential leader camp Iwo Jima hill American USA flag

A one of its kind, enlightened experiment in governance was ignited 242 years ago as of tomorrow. Celebrate it. Read the Declaration of Independence. See it’s beauty, wisdom, and it’s honesty about the flaws of humanity. Then ask yourself… am I doing everything I can to further this great experiment? Because too many of us…

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