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Empowered by Human Leaders

humans CEO defeat chaos

Are these attributes the “norm” for leadership (at work): not speaking your mind freely, openly, clearly, respectfully AND disagree with others? suppressing all of your knowledge and skills in meetings out of concern of reactions from that some-one? equating people saying things with people actually getting things accomplished? seeking consensus through groupthink, when better, faster,…

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disrupt your conventional approach to leadership development programs Leadership cannot be granted, inherited, or learned from a book or class… it must be actively earned in full view while overcoming challenges. Let’s challenge my above assertion for a moment. To grant… to give.  How can something so intangible and substantive as leadership be given to…

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If the technology prognosticators and numerous genius leaders are correct, humanity is doomed. As the secretive google “brain” project, headed by utopian futurist Ray Kurzweil and a bevy of like-minded believers in the singularity “progresses”, humans will become extinct (absorbed, or “evolved” to use their terms into machines).  Ray’s forecasted date for the singularity is 2045. Well, there’s…

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